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Fundraiser Kit:

Please follow the below steps when ordering:
1. Provide us with the coordinator directors name and phone number.
2. Provide us with the address to send Fundraiser Package.
3. Let us know how many brochure/order forms will be needed, one per person.
4. Send information to the above address with $25.00 check payable to: Romantic Dreamers Candles

Fundraiser Kit Includes:
1. 20 Brochure/Order Forms(unless other wise instructed), featuring 12 scents
2. Step by Step Outline for Coordinator
3. Coordinator Tally Sheet
4. "Tax Exemption Certificate"

The brochure will feature a picture of one of the 24 ounce Fundraiser candles with, "About Dreamers Candles"
information, complete order form with 12 scents listed.

Romantic Dreamers Candles suggest you have a set time of approximately ten days to take orders and return order forms
to your coordinator. Fundraiser coordinator then turns in all paperwork & order forms at one time to Romantic Dreamers Candles. Fundraiser orders cannot be shipped until all paperwork is completed and returned to us. This includes a "Tax Exemption Certificate" and payment.

We request two to three weeks from the date the order is turned into Romantic Dreamers Candles, by the fundraiser coordinator, to delivery. Payment in full will be expected before candles are shipped.

Your total investment, including shipping to one overall address is: $12.00 per candle. Suggested retail value is $21.95. Your fundraisers team would make up to $9.95 or about 83% pure profit per candle sold.

If your purchasing for Exempt reasons such as: Religious Organizations, Charitable Organizations, Educational
Organizations, Youth Athletic Organizations, Volunteer Fire Departments, IRC Organizations, School Fund Raiser,
Cheerleading Fundraiser, Band Fundraiser, Church Fundraiser etc.. and are in Texas, you must fill out a "Texas Sales and
Use Tax Exemption Certificate". I will provide buyers this Certificate in the Fundraiser Kit. All other states are Tax Exempt!

12 Fundraiser Scents offered:
rgbglow.gif (882 bytes) Aunt Polly's Pecan Pie.....deep tan
rgbglow.gif (882 bytes) Banana Nut Dream Cake.....golden
rgbglow.gif (882 bytes) Hawaiian Paradise (Plumeria).....purple
rgbglow.gif (882 bytes) I Love
rgbglow.gif (882 bytes) In Tribute to Momma (Butter Vanilla).....creamy beige
rgbglow.gif (882 bytes)
Mothers Apple
rgbglow.gif (882 bytes) Now, this is Mulberry.....burgandy
rgbglow.gif (882 bytes) Old Fashion Vanilla.....light beige
rgbglow.gif (882 bytes) Orange &
rgbglow.gif (882 bytes) Southern Gardenia.....white
rgbglow.gif (882 bytes) Sugar Cookies.....medium beige
rgbglow.gif (882 bytes) Sweet Memories.....sea blue

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