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1. No other Candle as Pretty!

2. 24 oz. Richly scented wax which burns correctly with the                        same wonderful scent when you follow burning                        instructions. Candle measures 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 6.

3. Equal to 12 large votives in the volume-more cost efficient                        to your customers.

4. The candles sell themselves by scenting an entire store,                        house or Business, gloriously.

5. Manufactured in a special thick, logo embedded, American                        made glass with a potpourri filled top that lets                        you know you have an authentic Candle.

6. May be reused for decorative sugar bowl, cotton ball holder,                         candy jar, decorative soaps, etc.. after the Candle is                         burned.

7. Average test burn 125-180 Hrs. Depending on Circumstances.                        Thats over 40 days at 4 hours each day!

8. Twin wicks provide a even candle burn from first use to last                        use!

9. 12 Candles per Case/Mixed or the same.

10. No minimum purchase!

11. All candles individually HAND poured!


1. Crafters Malls outside of Texas are virtually untouched.

2. Crafters Shows, First Monday's and Traders Village Days.

3. Fund Raisers for: Schools, Churches, Clubs, Organizations, Fire
                     Departments, Social Events, etc...

4. Restaurants, Beauty Shops**, Gift Shops, Banks, Antique Shops.                      Anywhere the Public visits often, works great. You don't                      have to own one of these places to sell there. Business                      owners will let you sell your candles in their place of                      business for a small fee, percent or other arrangement.                      These store owners will benefit by offering Wonderful                      Candles that will bring in business and Decorate there                      surroundings.

5. In House Candle Parties. Invite the girls over for Dessert and have a                      couple of cases of candles in various scents on Display.                      Have a candle burning (they sell themselves). Sit around in                      a circle and pass each scent around to be smelled. Either                      sell your stock or take orders from a prepared order form.                      Collect their money and place your order. Offer anyone                      who will host a party for you, a Free Candle. Or whatever                      reward you choose.

(If anyone has experience in this area and could share ideas for me to pass on to my distributors, please email me.)


*For displaying candles, I buy an unfinished 48 inch wooden shelves and stain them, each one holds about a case. You can purchase the shelves at some of the places I mentioned above. Works great for Crafters Booths and anywhere were space is limited.

*Suggested Retail Price is $21.95

Wholesale Prices are as follows:

12 Candles per Case and Mixing Allowed!

1-2 Cases @ $153.00 ea. ($147.00 cash)
3-5 Cases @ 143.00 ea. ($137.00 cash)
6-10 Cases @ $135.00 ea. ($129.00 cash)
11 and Up Cases @ $130.00 ea. ($124.00 cash)


Your Order Will Be Shipped Via UPS

Distributorship and Resale Information!

If you do not plan on selling candles and are purchasing for personal use, click here for retail order form (Please, No Exceptions!)

To become a distributor and order at Wholesale Prices, you must do the following:

In Texas, you must "Name your Business" and apply for a "Texas
Sales and Use Tax Permit" with the Comptroller of Public Accounts.

For my records, I need a Copy of the original document showing your tax number and you must sign a "Texas Resale Certificate". I can provide one for you upon request or follow the link provided below to print a "Texas Resale certificate".

If you are located outside of Texas, I need your vendor number or the tax number your state issued you for resale privledges.

If you can not download below forms, you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download the latest version to view
and print forms. Its Free!

All distributors are asked to
sell for no less than $15.00 including your states sales tax. Those who do not follow these guidelines will loose their wholesale buying privledges!

If your purchasing for Exempt reasons such as: Religious Organizations, Charitable Organizations, Educational Organizations, Youth Athletic Organizations, Volunteer Fire Departments, IRC Organizations, etc.. you must fill out a "Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate". I can provide Texas buyers this Certificate upon request or follow and print link below.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you need to download the latest version to view and print forms. Its Free!

Printable "Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate".


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