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Cuts 1 inch bars.

Step 1)Place your loaf into the loaf box.

Step 2)Push your loaf securely up to the stopper.

Step 3)Line up your kitchen knife through the slots.

Step 4)Hold loaf firmly while starting knife downwards.

Step 5)Place one hand on each side of knife. While pushing downwards, rock knife up and down as you cut.

Step 6)Take your time and do not rush with to much pressure.

Step 7)Make sure to push the knife all the way through to the bottom.

Step 8)Pull the knife back up and out while holding the loaf.

Step 9)The soap bar might come up with the knife. If not, remove it by hand.

Step 10)Slide the remaining loaf up to the stopper and repeat steps 1-9.

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