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Almond Joy-the scrumptous aroma of almonds with a swirl affect for beauty.
Apple Nutmeg-the wonderful aroma of apples with a touch of nutmeg.
Chocolate Delight-smells good enough to eat!
Chocolate Milk w/goats milk- for chocolate lovers who want a calorie free experience! Cocoa Butter added for moisturizing the skin.
Eucalyptus-this is a very soothing soap experience. Relax and let your troubles soak away. Dried eucalyptus herb added.
Goat's Milk with Oats & Honey-A glorious natural fragrant bar with wonderful softening abilities.
Lavender -the soothing fragrance of a herb thats know for relaxation.
Lavender Swirl-the soothing fragrance of a herb thats know for relaxation, with a twist.
Lemon-made with lemon peel. Nothing makes you feel cleaner than the soothing fresh smell of lemons.
Oatmeal, Milk & Honey-a delightful mixture of skin softening ingredients that also work as a exfoliator.
Orange & Vanilla w/Goats Milk-a very refreshing scent combination w/ soothing Goats Milk for moisturizing the skin.
Paprika Plum-contains cocoa butter and has a very delightful paprika scent.
Peppermint Swirl-very soothing twist to this fragrance.
Pumpkin Spice-the wonderful aroma of a freshly baked Pumpkin Pie. Bath in Spices such as Allspice, Ginger, Cinnamon and Nutmeg.
Raspberry w/ Goats Milk-a very berry bar with soothing moisturizing Goats Milk.
Rosemary-a delightfully aroma from a herb that has relaxation properties.
Vanilla Bean-smells good enough to eat.
Witch Hazel-a wonderful blend especially made for your face. Made up of acne fighting herbs such as, witch hazel, tea tree oil, peppermint, lavender and dried chamomile leaves.
Soap Loaf Cutter-cuts your loaf into 1 inch bars.

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